First time with the Fancy Camera

Over the weekend we went to the Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and most schools had let out the week before, so as you can imagine it was a zoo (haha).  Honey let me borrow his fancy camera, something I have been hesitant to try the last few months.  I have this thing with electronics and gismos that don’t belong to me, I am scared they are going to spontaneously burst in my hand.  After the incident with Mr. Big’s motor on his boat and a large printer zapping a coworker, how can you blame me?  But several days later and Honey’s camera seems to be doing fine.

We were only there for four hours (the benefit of having a membership-you don’t have to fit it all in on one day) but I took around two hundred photos.  Though it was very crowded we got to see some animals we don’t usually get to see, like the fishing cat (that looks about the same size as Bailey), a cheetah , a tiger (they are usually napping), an awake bear cat (doing monkey behavior), a baby giraffe, and grooming lemurs.

The section with the cheetahs was particularly interesting.  The cheetah is relatively tame, they brought her up with a puppy to keep her calm so she can be exhibited in the Zoo’s backstage pass program.  She came up right to the netting of her exhibit and became very interested in any stroller that came along.  It is a cat thing; the lions, jaguar, and mountain lions do the same thing.  Stroller=incredibly interesting and provoker of hunting behavior.  You can almost see them thinking Ah, what tasty morsel have you brought for me today?

The baby giraffe was also quite entertaining.  I came up with this whole personality for him because it looked like he had  mohawk.  We watched him model for all of us tourists with shiny, clicky things, and saw his mom (we assume) give him a little nudge of affection.  It was kind of cute, he watched us  walk away.  I must make it a point to visit him each time we go (usually about once a month) and watch him grow.

When we got home Honey got my computer all set up to edit the RAW photos, as you can imagine I did that for the rest of the night.


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