Back in my day…

Today I went to the library, it has been about twelve years since I went to a public library.  Like everything else it has become very modern.  The building was new, the shelves were new, the books all looked fairly new, there were new sections of audio books and a teen section.  The books don’t have that libary smell, in fact the library’s smell reminds me of a hospital, but you get use to it after a few minutes.

I got my library card, now they give you an actual card and one to put on your keychain.  When I had made my selections I walked back to the counter and handed the books to woman who had helped me earlier.  She smiled at me sweetly, took the books and walked over to another desk with two computers on it.  The sign read: Express Checkout.  When I saw it when I came in I thought it was some kind of self check out option, like Albertson’s has, since it was my first time checking out a book since President Clinton was in office I thought I should use the person option.  Apparently that is not an option.  Now I just scan my library card and wait for my receipt, I don’t even have to scan the books because it has some remote feature. Weird.

To be honest I am a little disappointed they don’t stamp that little card on the inside flap.

Now back in my day …..

No more glares from the Librarian through her bifocals, as she violently slams the due date mark, making it known that the date is stamped there for all eternity (well, until the card is full), instilling in you that you are responsible  for it, she is making a mental note because she doesn’t like the look of ya.  Birdie pointed out the sense of history that comes from that card, knowing when last that book was enjoyed.  Knowing if you tastes match those of your townspeople, or reaffirming your core belief that  you really are a freak.  Now it’s all stored digitally, only accessible to Librarians (that wear contacts now).

On the plus side though, free reusable bag if you sign up for the summer reading club=)


One thought on “Back in my day…

  1. I hate the self checkout in Boston. Sounds like you have a better system. We have to place the books just right on the scanner or the computer won’t read it. I always look like a fool trying to use the system. Enjoy your card and I’m jealous that you got a free reusable bag! What is your club reading?

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