Mysteries Solved

One of the books I picked up from the library is called The Feast of Love.  I enjoyed reading it, the writing wasn’t too heavy and the characters took turns narrating chapters so you got to see different perspectives on the events that transpired.  Well, after I reached the half way mark some things started sounding familiar.  Silly things.  Like that the Physic told the girl to go pick up two hamburgers for her boyfriend, and the description of a shirt that one character wore.  I have a pretty good memory for the books that I have read but I couldn’t remember ever reading this.  It was unsettling.  Honey thought maybe I read some of it in a creative writing class, which was possible but the things I remembered were chapters apart.  I read on and realized I knew what the climax of the book was going to be, I read on and enjoyed it though it was kind-of creepy anticipating the end.

Once I finished it I googled it, I habit I know do upon completing any book.  The first thing that pops up on the search is an imdb page. Hmmm, I said to myself.  I clicked on it and it was a movie made a few years ago with Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear.  I realized when I watched the trailer I had seen part of it. Probabyl a year or two ago it had been one of those lazy afternoons when you turn on the tv and HBO has a film going that is already half way through but you watch it anyway…  It can’t be all bad because it has Morgan Freeman in it.  I must have not like it very much if it didn’t get saved in my memory banks.  But that explains why I knew certain things while other plot point were being introduced to me for the first time.  Thank goodness I thought I was going crazy, well crazier.

The second mysteries’ solution involves that wrong number from early Sunday morning, the one that was from San Francisco.  I got a text message this afternoon from that number

What up (side note: Probably 1% of my friends would text that to me)

Me: Who is this?

Henry.  This is Ashley right?

Me: Sorry, wrong number

My bad

a few minutes later…

Hey if this the wrong number. why does my phone automatically link this with ur Ashley’s Facebook? (exact message)

Me: She probably made a typo

a few minutes later….

So who is this?

Me:Not Ashley

So, great my cell number is listed on this girl Ashley’s facebook page, hopefully dear Henry will tell her and I won’t get any drunk dials this weekend.  There -mysteries solved.


First time with the Fancy Camera

Over the weekend we went to the Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and most schools had let out the week before, so as you can imagine it was a zoo (haha).  Honey let me borrow his fancy camera, something I have been hesitant to try the last few months.  I have this thing with electronics and gismos that don’t belong to me, I am scared they are going to spontaneously burst in my hand.  After the incident with Mr. Big’s motor on his boat and a large printer zapping a coworker, how can you blame me?  But several days later and Honey’s camera seems to be doing fine.

We were only there for four hours (the benefit of having a membership-you don’t have to fit it all in on one day) but I took around two hundred photos.  Though it was very crowded we got to see some animals we don’t usually get to see, like the fishing cat (that looks about the same size as Bailey), a cheetah , a tiger (they are usually napping), an awake bear cat (doing monkey behavior), a baby giraffe, and grooming lemurs.

The section with the cheetahs was particularly interesting.  The cheetah is relatively tame, they brought her up with a puppy to keep her calm so she can be exhibited in the Zoo’s backstage pass program.  She came up right to the netting of her exhibit and became very interested in any stroller that came along.  It is a cat thing; the lions, jaguar, and mountain lions do the same thing.  Stroller=incredibly interesting and provoker of hunting behavior.  You can almost see them thinking Ah, what tasty morsel have you brought for me today?

The baby giraffe was also quite entertaining.  I came up with this whole personality for him because it looked like he had  mohawk.  We watched him model for all of us tourists with shiny, clicky things, and saw his mom (we assume) give him a little nudge of affection.  It was kind of cute, he watched us  walk away.  I must make it a point to visit him each time we go (usually about once a month) and watch him grow.

When we got home Honey got my computer all set up to edit the RAW photos, as you can imagine I did that for the rest of the night.

Back in my day…

Today I went to the library, it has been about twelve years since I went to a public library.  Like everything else it has become very modern.  The building was new, the shelves were new, the books all looked fairly new, there were new sections of audio books and a teen section.  The books don’t have that libary smell, in fact the library’s smell reminds me of a hospital, but you get use to it after a few minutes.

I got my library card, now they give you an actual card and one to put on your keychain.  When I had made my selections I walked back to the counter and handed the books to woman who had helped me earlier.  She smiled at me sweetly, took the books and walked over to another desk with two computers on it.  The sign read: Express Checkout.  When I saw it when I came in I thought it was some kind of self check out option, like Albertson’s has, since it was my first time checking out a book since President Clinton was in office I thought I should use the person option.  Apparently that is not an option.  Now I just scan my library card and wait for my receipt, I don’t even have to scan the books because it has some remote feature. Weird.

To be honest I am a little disappointed they don’t stamp that little card on the inside flap.

Now back in my day …..

No more glares from the Librarian through her bifocals, as she violently slams the due date mark, making it known that the date is stamped there for all eternity (well, until the card is full), instilling in you that you are responsible  for it, she is making a mental note because she doesn’t like the look of ya.  Birdie pointed out the sense of history that comes from that card, knowing when last that book was enjoyed.  Knowing if you tastes match those of your townspeople, or reaffirming your core belief that  you really are a freak.  Now it’s all stored digitally, only accessible to Librarians (that wear contacts now).

On the plus side though, free reusable bag if you sign up for the summer reading club=)

Car Show, Visit 1

Before the antics of the “Bucking Bailey” we went down to the local old car show that goes on during the summer.  There were so many beautifully restored cars, they definently don’t make cars with the artistic eye they use to.

To Hell With All That- Review

I have been avoiding posting my review of To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife, at first I was not sure why.  It was a quick read (done in an afternoon), it had funny parts that I read allowed to my husband.  It had interesting facts, reflections, and personal stories; some things I agreed with and some I did not.  It bashed Martha Stewart a little, called attention the Housewife writers of the past, and compared in general terms the difference between modern marriage and the unobtainable ideal of Post World War II marriage.  Yet I didn’t really want to talk about it.  Half way through the book I stopped liking the writer, wait I take that back, I no longer respected the writer.  And I think what it came down to is for the first half of the book she sites some facts and observations and then seems to not carry this knowledge on when she has her children and becomes a type of housewife.  She also seemed to have no connection to the history she was reporting on, no correlation between the generations and how it influenced the next generation.  Which I think for domestic observations, that is incredibly important.   She reported it but did not come to any reasoning.

She was mostly writing about Stay-at-Home Moms, but referring to them as Housewives.  It seemed she couldn’t decide if she pitied them or admired them.  She herself was a stay at -home mom but she had a nanny, gardener, and an personal organizer on retainer.  Now bare in mind she had twin boys and I completely understand why she would need help during the day, but she didn’t really talk about what she did durning the day.  It seemed she hung around the house all day so that her sons would not like the nanny more than her.  But I could be mistaken.  The book was handed to me as a semi-joke, I cracked it open and it started explaining about the laughable nature if the modern “white wedding”-totally up my alley, so I got into it.  I originally thought the book would go into the life of a Housewife,what the duties were maybe some methods of maintaing the home, methods of chores, and time rotation of activities (change your sheets every week, wash the inside of the fridge once a month, etc) but the book only briefly referred to old standards.  One thing that she did mention of instructional books of 50s housewives, which amused me thoroughly

“She should take time to rest and relax during the day so that she is not exhausted and depleted come whopee hour”  Whoops. 😉  No more six hours of yard work days for me.

Overall it seemed like a combination of essays where she should have limited reference to her own home life’s activities.  Her reflections on her mom were very touching, the omission of her husband’s activities in the house and during the early years of her sons were suspect, and the point where she ended it seemed awkward.  Overall I am not ticked off I read it, it gave me other things to think about but it was not the book I thought it would be.