Just a Quickie

This morning I walked with two ladies instead of one, the EC Housewife Mafia is growing…Beware 😉 Actually both of the other ladies work, they just have housewife “leanings”.  I got to see Birdie after a week’s absence and got to finally walk with Columbia (yes that is the best nickname I can come up with right now, no it has nothing to do with the country).  I think overall it went well, I was shy and a little slow to bring up subjects to talk about, but eventually the course of conversation continued without too many awkward pauses.  I look forward to more walks and talks with Columbia.

Today I am going to make my second ever meatloaf.  I think I know what made it a preferred meal to prepare for the 50s housewife.  The ingredients are cheap, it’s easy to make, it resembles a hamburger-so kids are more likely to eat it, it smells really good cooking, and it needs an hour to bake.  I particullarly like that last part because so many meals I make are being poked and prodded until the last moment.  That makes it hard for me to make dinner, simultaneously fetch my husband’s slippers and pipe, make a cocktail for him, and touch up my make up-all while wearing heels.

Speaking of which I need to go break up a cat fight, no a real cat fight-Bailey takes hostages when his dinner is late.  Also it’s time to get my hands dirty cooking.  Have a great evening everyone!


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