Slight Summary

A late spring storm has blown into Southern California.  I say that it is late Spring because here summer really begins around mid-May, but since it’s cool right now it doesn’t seem right to call it summer.  It is wonderful outside, I wish I could bottle the smell and take whiffs around late August.  You probably have to live in the southwest to enjoy rain as much we do.  It is so rare compared to the rest of the country we love to revel in it.  Though who knows, maybe if I did move to somewhere with rain and cold weather on a more regular basis I would long for my Southern California heat waves.  My walk was postponed today due to rain and I am going to put together a crock pot meal for dinner, can’t really do yardwork, the house is relatively clean (there is always something to do or scrub), so I am sort-of left to my own devices today.  Which hopefully means lots of writing.  I decided to change the narrative on the book, I think I will be able to paint a better atmosphere if “I” is omitted as much as possible.

Over the weekend Honey and I laid low on Saturday and went to an “Art” Street Fair on Sunday.  I was hoping it would be a lot of painting and various other crafts, but a substantial amount of the booths were just the usual street fair garbage (cheap sunglasses, scary mass produced sweaters, etc.).  But the ultimate WTF was the beer garden (at least to me).  The fair was set up through a main street that had lots of restaurants and bars; plenty for people to experience, but the organizers set up a beer garden that cost $30 a person to participate in, then once you pay for it and get your beer you are trapped in there.  What is the point of going to a Street Fair at that point?  If I am going to spend $30 for beer a person I would go to BevMo and get various 22 oz craft beers to share with friends at home.  I want to walk around and be present at public events, not hide in a gated off area with security guards looming over, getting shitfaced off of foamy beer- call me crazy. 😉  We left about half way through to go get some art supplies (a few booths were inspiring), I think the drunks were just beginning to surface when we left.

We also got to run around the fair with a couple of friends, one being Red.  I am going to miss her when she goes back to her home land of Canada in a few months.  Who will I force to try on dresses when we shop?


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