Quick Friday Hello


Finally we got a break in the heat today so I decided to do some gardening.  By the way I have finally found the definition for gardening vs yard work.

gardening= less than 1/2 green garbage barrel

yard work= at least one full green garbage barrel

1/2 to less than full garbage barrel is a sign of either non-commintment to yard work, or gardening run awry.

I wore myself out a little more than planned but rallied and still walked down to the Farmer’s Market to visit Birdie for a moment.  Apparently the crazies are out today she had a God freak, a mind reader wanna-be, and apparently a couple more after I left ( not sure if she was including me in her count of 5 crazies 🙂 ).  When I was leaving the Farmer’s market I noticed a cute dog out in someone’s open front yard, all by his lonesome.  He was very interested in me and started walking towards the street to see me.  I grabbed him before he walked onto the pavement, luckily he had a collar with his address on it.  He was in his front yard, I think he had pulled a Houdini. I rang the door bell but no response, so I put him into the gated area of the house where there was an open backdoor.  Poor little guy.  I need all the good karma I can get with dogs, I’m surprised our neighbors will even say hello with how much Kate barks.

Also while I was walking home I noticed something wonderful.  You know how I posted a few weeks back about how I wondered if people ever used the cute little porch set-ups I see in front of their houses or if it is all for show?  Well today I saw a man reading a book on his porch, it made me very happy.


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