“my pulse has been rising”

Today is going to be a hot one out here in the EC, and most of Southern California for that matter.  I went for a walk around the lake this morning, trying to sneak it in before it got really hot.  It was the first time I have done

it alone, usually I walk with Birdie but she was unable to come today.  It is a much different experience walking alone, I prefer company but I won’t be so hesitant to go alone anymore.  You are more aware of the distance and time that has passed, than when you are involved in a conversation.

Next time I have to be careful of what I listen to on the way to the lake.  I had Puscifer’s Rev 22:20 stuck in my head for the first mile of the walk because it was the last song I heard.  Yeah, not the best of songs  to be hearing while seeing sweaty, shirtless, old men run by-and I do mean old, like 70+. EEK!  Dude put on a shirt and pull those tiny shorts down, I’m seeing the bottom of your bum!

I tried to work out some story ideas in my head, but I was easily distracted by sites around the lake (not the bad sites I just mentioned).  Despite the heat all of the animals ducks, bees, lizards, and other assorted birds scampered around enjoying the sun and the occassioal dip in the water.  I did stop for a moment and took some pictures.  Yes, I am totally obsessed with Hipstamatic right now. =)

I didn’t walk as far as I normally do with Birdie, with the heat and being on my own I thought it was best to lean towards the side of caution.  I went a little farther than the two mile marker, since you cannot walk around the entire lake I had to turn around and walk back the way I came.  After yesterday’s trip to Henry’s and various other errands I think I have walked around 7 miles since yesterday, here I come skinny jeans =P

The heat went up about ten degrees during my walk and I spoiled myself by putting on the a/c on my way home.

Now onto the business of cleaning.  I am going to have two moms here on Sunday and the place needs to sparkle.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


2 thoughts on ““my pulse has been rising”

    • That would be great, my schedule is more flexible than yours so I’m sure we could find a time. What are you up to on Monday?

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