Education in “Construction Site”

Yesterday I went to my old community college to see just how far I am from getting an Associates.  If I want one in English I have a little ways to go, the good news is that I have completed all the core classes (except two units of Exercise/Wellness Activity).  I have about 6 classes (perhaps 5, I think they read my transcript wrong) to take and they are all in English, Philosophy, and History.  All subjects I like/love!

Next semester could look like this: Creative Writing, British Literature II, Yoga, European Humanities, and Mythology.  I will be a busy yet Zen person.

It was very strange being there, a lot has change in the last few years.  The main quad area that had the cafeteria, book store, and counseling center is now gated off and referred to as the “Construction site” on the maps around the school.  Though I have been to that school many a time as a student, I was so confused I had to look at the map.  When  I arrived I parked near where the Counseling office use to be and had to walk through a good chunk of the school to get to the “Temporary Counseling Office” that is now located in a bungalow (as they are apparently called) near the NEW 3 level (maybe 4) parking garage.

My appointment was at 9:30, I got there around 9 and waited in the bungalow.  Their was a hospitalesque type of smell.  All of the recirculated air and the new cubicle smell combined in a way that just couldn’t escape out of the one door opening, which remained closed to keep in the a/c.

I glanced around at the flyers and the gabbing staff.  There were two small screens that were in a PowerPoint loop of counseling information.  The information displayed had what day you could drop a class, the system for a first time college student, etc.  Then I saw it, “Fall 2011 cost will increase to $37 a unit” .Shit.  It is currently $26 per unit.  I know this is chump change compared to a 4 year, but still.  On the reception desk there was a sign with a big red exclamation mark on it that said “Due to Budget Cuts-No More Walk-In Appointments.” Hmmm… So it costs more for students to go there, the number of classes have diminished, they do not have as much access to the counseling staff as before.  *Please note: people were calling in for appointments while I was there.  The receptionist told them that  none were available until the end of next week*.  But we will have a brand new cafeteria.  Woohoo, Educational System!

I know it is rough everywhere and students are getting the short end of the stick, but how can they justify to their students all of the new buildings and not enough classes to fill them?  Is this the whole building the railroad tracks though the mountain before a train that could make the trip existed?  I know it is more complicated than my uneducated mind could comprehend, but I wish it wasn’t so in your face with irony.

Unfortunately they have something I want, so I am going to bend to the ways of their current system.  But I will bite thumb at them as walk out the door. =P


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