Pinky out and make the ‘clinky’ sound

Tomorrow is Kauwffe Talk (say out loud with a Linda Richman accent) .

This a ritual that has happened (almost) weekly for about a year.  Two fabulous women and I meet for coffee and talk about our week and other entertaining  tidbits of life.  It began accidentally as just a one time thing, just an excuse to catch up with one another.  We drank our coffee (and tea), did the usual banter, and then started talking some more.  It was really lovely, and then as we parted ways someone suggested (probably Red) that we should do it again the next week.  So we did, and then we met the week after that, and after that, and so on.   It became something I really looked forward to, and in some cases got me through the week.

I have enjoyed the company of these two women, who are wonderful in their unique and talented ways.  I respect their opinion so much that when I second-guessed myself over the decision that I made, their encouragement pushed me that extra inch.  Seeing one even write “I am so proud of you” brought me to tears.  While the other made me laugh with a silly, but appropriate joke. Clinky-clinky.

This will be my last regular meeting with them.  I will try and come up as often as my gas budget will allow, but it will be different.  Life evolves, all three of us are in different places than we were last year.  Who knows where we will be next year…  Perhaps enjoying ourselves in a café in the South of  France.  Or maybe we’ll start a Skype version of Kauwffe talk.   Or maybe I will have to finally get a passport just to have an international Kauwffe in Canada.  =) Whatever happens I hope we keep on tawkin’.




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